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Stormy Sunset


Amazing, cold sunset as a big storm breaks up over Ocean Beach. Taken from 14th Avenue.

A Huge Thanksgiving

Waves rolled into OB hitting 10-15 ft., according to Surfline. After Thanksgiving lunch with the fam, I headed out to watch the sunset at Kelly’s where there were only about five surfers. It was macking. Waves were so thick it was hard to get any back-lighting from the sunset. The waves were also barreling in from the north, not the usual west, so the

Winter is Here

It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve been able to sync up good surf conditions, good lighting, and time off from work and parenting obligations. Thankfully, I had a harmonic convergence of a few days off and some really good conditions at Kelly’s Cove. I was able to go out in the morning, alone, then in the evening with my youngest daughter

Weekend in Stinson

My family decided to kick-off the 2020 holiday season by renting a house in Stinson Beach. It was our first vacation since Covid, so that’s 9-months we haven’t traveled anywhere. The house was literally on the beach, and just what we needed for a little R&R. I considered bringing my surf photography gear, but decided against it because, well, Stinson. But I did bring

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